XDRadio is a simple to use XDialog wrapper for radiolistening.
It use mplayer as backend and v4l2-ctl for mono-stereo switching.

I wrote it because no one existing GUI radio software was giving me sound.
In my setup, it is no audio cable between my radio card and my sound card.
Also because mplayer syntax is not very practice for everyday radio listening.

Video input watching and grabbing using mplayer and mencoder was added with XDRadio version 0.2.
I am currently working on an easy internationalization system, as well than on a preference system.
With the new preference system, you will even be able to edit the station list from XDRadio.
See the README for the details.

XDRadio is hosted on Get XDRadio at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads.


XDRadio main window :
XDRadio main window

Its main window in French :
Main window in French

Radio stations window:
Radio stations window


It's at sourceforge XDRadio project page.
To get the last development code, take a look at Subversion Access.

XDRadio Installation

Download the tarball and extract it. I am a lazzy bastard that is using mc for that, so don't ask me for the syntax of extracting the archive. If you really want to know it, man and google are your friends.

It is 2 executables files, one if French, the other in English. Choose one and open it into an editor (F4 with mc).
The comments into the file are your guide. Basiquely, you need to adjust 3 things:
- RATE="xxxxx" where rate is the sampling rate in Hz you want to use.
- DEF_STATION="(1)yy.y" where (1)yy.y is the frequency in MHz of a radio station. This frequency will be used at XDRadio startup.
- The radio stations list.

When it is done, copy or move the executable somewhere into your PATH. If you don't know your PATH, the output of "echo $PATH" will tell you.
You can also rename it into xdradio. The following will rename it and copy it with one command:
"cp xdradio-en ~/bin/xdradio".


Fill a bug report here.